Raw Audio File

Here is the raw audio file for my interview. The total time is 5:13.

The interviewing experience went smoothly. I wasn’t nervous and since it was a classmate it felt relaxed and informal. This was the first time I was interviewing someone with an audio recorder. It honestly didn’t feel different than past interviews I’ve conducted (Branding Iron, Magazine Writing, independent essays). The nice part is that if this were to be a written story, I could get a raw and powerful quote the first time. Sometimes when I interview people and their quote is colorful, I ask them to repeat it because I don’t want to misquote them. So having the audio recorder is nice.

Being the interviewee was interesting. It was the first time in a long while I’ve been interviewed. I decided to talk about playing on the water polo club, since it’s a defining characteristic about me. Being audio recorded was really different because I could see the time and how long the interview was taking. Also I was overly concerned with my voice level. I seemed way too fixated on watching the sound waves go up and down on the device, more so than what I was actually saying.

As stated above, I enjoyed having every little thing recorded. It makes it easier because I’m not frantically scrambling notes while conducting an interview. I didn’t enjoy being distracted by the recorder. I guess the perfect solution would be to record the interview and not allow the interviewee to see the recorder’s screen. However, I will admit it is nice to see how long I was spending on a certain question or portion.

Doing something different, I wish I would’ve “controlled” the interview a little more. My interviewee was super passionate about his subject. He didn’t go into too much detail, just covered a substantial amount of information. I think I only asked two questions towards the end.

As my first audio interviewing experience it was so helpful. I learned I need to control the interview and know when to “interrupt” and refocus the interview.  However, I am happy that I did not interrupt the interviewee and there were no awkward little pauses during the interview.




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