Final Audio Profile

Embedded below, is the final edited audio profile on my fellow classmate, Jordan Blazovich.

My Editing Experience:

To describe my experience in one word: repetitive.

What I mean is that I kept replaying the same two second or shorter transition pieces. When I would cut out a piece of the raw file that I did not feel fit in the final product, I would replay the transition pieces (beginning and end of the new clips) to make sure it flowed right and did not sound too jumpy. So I heard these clips probably hundreds of times as I cut off milliseconds and adjusted the fading multiple times.

These audio snippets will probably haunt me in my dreams tonight.

To edit, I used GarageBand for this assignment because it is on my personal computer and I think it was easier to save and work with the file than use the school computers. However, I do want to use Audacity and be familiar with it in the future.

GarageBand was nice because I could have several tiers of the raw file.  I dragged and dropped sections to the “official” segment. It was nice to be able to mute the different tiers when I wasn’t working with those ones.

I anticipated having difficulty trimming my 5 minute file down to 2 minutes. However, it went quite smoothly once I realized what my focus was. If it didn’t fit within my focus, it was cut. I’m pleased with my succinct and concise final product.

What I Enjoyed and Didn’t:

Overall, I enjoyed the experience. It’s fun to manipulate the raw file. And at the end of it all, you get a polished, tangible copy. It is rewarding to work hard on something and finish with a final copy that you worked on.

I enjoyed editing’s therapeutic value; building patience. It takes a long time, and I often found myself stuck editing a five second quote for several minutes. But in the end when the final piece flows and works, it’s worth it.

I didn’t enjoy little aspects of GarageBand. Whenever I would insert a new clip in the middle of two clips in my “official” segment, it would shorten the clips already there to make room for the new one. However, once I realized GarageBand does this, I could avoid it and it wasn’t too big of a deal.

Another part I didn’t enjoy were the transitions. It was hard to find transitions and make them flow smoothly. No matter how much editing I did, I feel like it can still be edited more. It would be nice if there was a pause between every word, but no one actually speaks like that.


As mentioned above, I was surprised how easy it was to cut down the interview to around two minutes. It felt daunting at first, but in the end it was easy. Now that I’ve finished editing, I think two minutes is long and it could be even shorter!

I enjoy editing! To me that’s a surprise. Normally I am the type of person who gets antsy if I’m working on one project for too long. I need little breaks and distractions. However, while editing, I’m in the zone and focused.

I gave myself a pat on the back for doing the entire edit in one sitting.

Would I Do Anything Different? What Could’ve Went More Smoothly:

A small thing I would’ve done differently; get a clearer self-id. I was still fidgeting with the recorder and its audible in the beginning. But there was nothing I could do about it. Once I placed the recorder on the table, there were no future sound problems.

An intro/outro sound bite in the beginning and end of the story would be cool. I just did not have the time to search for an appropriate and relevant sound or tune. Also, I don’t know if SoundCloud has a net of copyrighted and wouldn’t allow me to publish my profile if it contained a five second snippet from an artist. So this time, I kept it simple. But in the future, I want to experiment more ambient noises.




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